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Get Plastic Foundation Turns Trash into Fuel

  • 29 August 2023 01:53 PM
  • Eco Tourism Bali

Indonesia: the third largest plastic-producing country in the world, as reported on the Indonesia.go.id page. During 2020 Indonesia produced 67.8 million tons of plastic waste and a total of 185,753 tons of plastic waste is produced daily by 270 million people.

This is what moves different parties, both communities and individuals, to work together and make a difference, such as Get Plastic Foundation.

This non-profit organization is based in Bali, in Sibangakja Village, Badung and the founder is called Dimas Bagus Wijanarko. Another important goal for the company is to educate the public regarding the management of plastic, considering that it represents a never-ending problem that piles up in landfills, as Ayu Pawitri, the Managing Director of the company, stated during her interview with Eco Tourism Bali.

Get Plastic Foundation’s plastic waste management movement started in 2016 and it has been growing ever since. Its innovation lies in the ability to turn plastic waste into its original form (namely gas) thanks to the pyrolysis machine, which is the result of the collaboration with an expert in nanoparticles, namely Dr. Laia Soler Bru.

According to Ayu, the current state of plastic waste management does not seem efficient. This is because producers who are obliged to manage plastic waste tend to be picky. For example, manufacturers choose plastic waste that tends to be clean and ignore dirty plastic waste.

But Get Plastic has developed tools that they assemble using scrap materials. In order to develop a wider range of tools, they continue to develop tools by utilizing stainless steel materials. Some of the components used are reactors, condensers, oil storage tubes and gas filters with hydrocarbon techniques.

Moreover, the enthusiasm of the local community to process the plastic waste they produce is also quite high. In fact, Get Plastic Foundation provides assistance in a number of villages in Bali and Java, as well as in the Singaraja and Abiansemal areas.

Writer: Deska Yunita