Eco Tourism Bali

Our ambitions are to put Bali as a sustainable tourism destination in the world by 2030 and to contribute on Achieving Climate Neutrality in Travel and Tourism by 2050.


Bali is Preferred Sustainable Tourism Destination.


Eco Tourism Bali is dedicated to fostering sustainable and climate-friendly tourism by establishing communities through a comprehensive verification system and guidelines for accommodation and restaurant businesses in Bali. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the transformation of Bali into a sustainable destination and actively contribute to achieving Climate Neutrality in the tourism sectors.

Our Team

In September 2021, Suzy Hutomo and Rahmi Fajar Harini partnered up to initiate Eco Tourism Bali (ETB) with a vision to build communities through sustainable tourism. ETB was founded as a social enterprise that thrives to work and collaborate with all of Bali tourism stakeholders to make Bali global sustainable tourism destination by 2030.


Suzy Hutomo

Suzy Hutomo, with her husband are founders of The Body Shop in Indonesia. She is a committed environmental activist. Since 2011, she has served as a climate presenter for Al Gore's The Climate Reality Project. Additionally, she has held positions as a Board Member of KEHATI – the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation, a member of the Southeast Asia Board of Greenpeace, and currently serves on the Board of Kopernik Foundation. She is also a chapter leader in the SunX Climate Travel Friendly movement in Bali.

Rahmi Fajar Harini

Rahmi Fajar Harini, of Eco Tourism Bali, collaborates with Suzy in realising ETB's vision. Rahmi, also known as Ami, holds an educational background in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. In 2007, she earned a master's degree in Corporate and Financial Communication from the Graduate Program of the London School of Public Relations. Moreover, she is one of the chapter leaders of the SunX Climate Travel Friendly movement in Bali.


Rochmalia Juniarti Putri

Account Executive - Member

Cecilia Mia Clarina

Account Executive - Event

Diva Kowara

Marketing Communications

Agus Purwadi

Visual Designer

Yani Suryani

Finance Admin


Gus Agung

BTB (Bali Tourism Policy)

Gus Agung is a distinguished figure in Bali's tourism industry, currently serving as the Director of Santrian Group. His leadership extends across several significant roles within the tourism sector. He has been the Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board/GIPI Bali 2021 - 2026. His influence also includes his tenure as Chairman of the Indonesia Marine Tourism Association in Bali. Throughout his career, Gus Agung has been instrumental in promoting Bali as a premier tourist destination, leveraging his extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry. His efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and development of marine tourism in the region, enhancing Bali's appeal to both domestic and international travellers.

Prof. Geoffrey Lipman

CFT (Climate Change & Tourism Global)

A distinguished figure in global tourism, Prof. Geoffrey has held influential positions such as Executive Director of IATA, first President of WTTC, and Assistant Secretary General of UNWTO. He currently serves as President of SUNx Malta, advocating for sustainable tourism and climate-friendly travel. He played a pivotal role in the liberalization of airlines, pioneered new tourism measurement systems, and supported major global tourism initiatives. His extensive work includes advising on environmental policies and contributing to tourism strategies, climate sustainability, and airline liberalization through writings, lectures, and collaborations with international organizations.

Oscar Casalderrey

Managing Director - Kopernik (Research & Development for Social and Environmental Impact)

Oscar leads the Last Mile Consulting team at Kopernik, assisting private companies and public entities to develop and market innovative and socially responsible solutions. Over the course of his last five years based in Indonesia, he has spearheaded numerous projects aimed at empowering underserved communities with a wide spectrum of solutions, ranging from agricultural technology to non-timber forest products, sustainable tourism, e-commerce or digital financial services. These initiatives have been carried out across the entire Indonesian archipelago, spanning from Sumatra to Papua.
Prior to his work with Kopernik in Indonesia Oscar held pivotal roles in project management and business development within international organisations across the Asia Pacific region, including substantial engagements in Vietnam and Australia, showcasing his diverse expertise and passion for creating positive change.

Gita Syahrani

KEM (Restorative Economy & Collective Impact)

Gita Syahrani is convener for collective action with experience in corporate law, public and private sectors, civil society, and movement-building. In 2016, she supported the establishment Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari Secretariat (LTKL) and became its Head of Secretariat (2017-2023). During this period she led the team to work on restorative economy models with 9 district members and convened collective support of more than 200 partners. For this, she got recognized as a Henry Arnhold Fellow by Mulago Foundation, Asia21 Fellow, Ashoka Fellow and won the 2023 Climate Breakthrough Award to support her next endeavours. She currently heads the Executive Board of the Earth-Centred Economic Coalition (Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi), became an Advisory Board of LTKL and founded BLESS foundation in 2024. All efforts consistently aim for nation-wide adoption of a restorative economy through collective actions ignited by love.

Jeff Kristianto Iskandarsjah

BEDO (Educational and Impactful Supply Chain)

Jeff Kristianto Iskandarsjah, a graduate of Interior Design at Udayana University, has been involved in the world of entrepreneurship since 1998, from the restaurant business, travel, handicrafts to body care products, marketed retail and also exported internationally to this day. His business experience has taken Jeff Kristianto around the world, not only to do business but also to share business experiences, as well as produce new trainers in Indonesia, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Ghana-Africa and the Philippines with the SCORE program from the International Labor Organization. Active as chairman of the BEDO Foundation or Business & Export Development Organization, which provides opportunities for the development of small businesses in Indonesia.

Chris Salans

BRCA (FB Business & Operations)

Chris Salans hailed from 3-Michelin-starred restaurants before creating his unique style: French Cuisine - Balinese Flavors at his multiple award-winning Mozaic restaurant in Ubud. Chris is Bali’s top culinary ambassador promoting it as a dining destination and representing Indonesia abroad as a Master Chef.

Mochamad Nalendra

GSTC (Certification & Decarbonization for Tourism)

Mr. Nalendra is a speaker, consultant, and CEO of Wise Steps Consulting and Co-Founder of Wise Steps Group, a social business enterprise which focuses on sustainable tourism development in Indonesia. He is also an authorised Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) trainer in Indonesia and Certified Professional Marketer (Asia) by Asia Marketing Federation. Graduated from Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management in Monash University Australia, Nalendra has worked with various clients, partners, and DMOs both international and national including State Secretariat for Economy Affairs (SECO) Switzerland, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as sustainable tourism and marketing expert.

Amanda Katili Niode

Climate Reality Indonesia

Amanda Katili Niode is a certified Executive Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and Writer with expertise in Environmental Management, Climate Action, and Sustainability Mindset. As Director of Climate Reality Indonesia, she oversees 1,000 volunteers in a global climate change leadership organization founded by Al Gore. Previously, Amanda led the Expert Team of the Indonesian President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and served as Special Assistant to the Minister of Environment. She has been a member of Indonesia’s Delegation to the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since 2007. Amanda sits on the boards of the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation and the Global Commission on Evidence to Address Societal Challenges. She earned her PhD from the School of Environment & Sustainability at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and completed her undergraduate studies at the School of Natural Sciences and Technology at Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.

Our Goals

A Solution Provider for the Tourism Industry related to Sustainability. A Standard Qualification for the Tourism Industry. A Provider for Verified and Qualified Sustainable Accommodations and Restaurants in Bali. A Connection for Supply and Demand in Sustainable Practices, and providing updated information on sustainability. A provider of Socially Responsible Activities for Regenerative Bali. An intermediary connecting the Bali Tourism Industry with a Sustainable International Network.

Pillars of
Eco Tourism Bali


Sustainable Bali
Tourism Roadmap


Affiliates & Partners

At Eco Tourism Bali, our partners and affiliates are vital to our mission of promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. By collaborating on impactful projects and initiatives, they help us achieve ambitious goals like zero carbon emissions by 2050. These partnerships include local businesses and international organizations that implement eco-friendly practices and promote sustainable tourism. Together, we benefit from increased visibility, networking opportunities, and a shared commitment to creating a positive impact on Bali's environment and tourism industry. Join us in making a difference!


KemBali Becik

KemBali Becik is a collective initiative promoting low-carbon transportation, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism. It emphasises the urgent need to preserve our land for present and future generations. By prioritising eco-friendly transport, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism practices, KemBali Becik aims to protect Bali's natural beauty and ecological balance.

KEM (Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi)

Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi (KEM) is a collective movement aimed at accelerating the growth of sustainable investment ecosystems that prioritise local wisdom in Indonesia through cross-sectoral, cross-country, and cross-stakeholder collaboration. is one of the largest online travel agencies in the world. Apart from being the most downloaded application in the travel agency category, has offered accommodation reservation services for 2.7 million properties in various regions worldwide, including Bali, Indonesia. In collaboration with ETB, has launched its initiative to actively participate in practising sustainability in the Tourism industry.

Climate Friendly Travel

For over 10 months, the Earth's temperature has surpassed 1.5 degrees and worsens each day. Climate Friendly Travel emerges to make journeys more environmentally friendly and to promote sustainable travel worldwide. After studying Bali and assessing the adverse impacts of climate change on the island, Exercise for Plan B for Bali was devised. Aligned with the three principles of CFT: the Paris Agreement Accord, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Regenerative principles, Eco Tourism Bali is on the same trajectory. Under the leadership of Suzy Hutomo and Rahmi Fajar as chapter leaders for Bali, they are ready to assist in achieving sustainable goals. Similarly, as a member of the tourism industry, you can obtain the Eco Climate Badge by joining, becoming part of the CFT Registry, and gaining visibility worldwide through the CFT Club.


Kementrian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia, established by Presidential Regulation No. 69/2019 and led by Minister Sandiaga Uno, is dedicated to positioning Indonesia as a premier global tourism destination and nurturing a robust creative economy. With a mission to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry and the creative sector, the Ministry’s programs encompass policy formulation, efficient coordination, and the provision of strategic support. Emphasizing the development of world-class tourism destinations, marketing strategies geared towards attracting tourists, and strengthening the creative industry’s capabilities, the Ministry aims to contribute significantly to national and regional economic growth. Through its multifaceted approach, the Ministry endeavors to create a dynamic and sustainable environment that fosters innovation, economic diversification, and the continued growth of Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy sectors.

Bali Tourism Board

The Bali Tourism Board (BTB), founded in 2002 by nine Tourism Associations in Bali, aims to cultivate a sustainable tourism industry in Bali and Indonesia. Originally formed to bridge professionals, government, and the local community, BTB transformed based on a letter of intent and Governor’s approval in 2002. Functioning as a vital channel for communication, representation, and consultation, BTB has evolved into Gabungan Industri Pariwisata Indonesia (GIPI) Bali since 2011. Recognized by Indonesian law, BTB/GIPI Bali’s vision is to be a professional Destination Management Organization, positioning Bali as a major cultural tourism destination globally. Its mission includes promoting and developing Bali as a cultural tourism hub, while its functions encompass enforcing ethical standards, maintaining harmony among members, fostering international cooperation, preventing unfair competition, and disseminating government policies in the tourism sector.


In partnership with ETB to develop the roadmap for sustainability ecosystem, Kopernik recommends 30 general criteria most suitable for small-scale hotels and restaurants. In developing the criteria, Kopernik primarily focuses on producing environmentally sustainable criteria with additional socially sustainable criteria.

Bali Investment Club

BIC is an angel network that invests in and venture-builds impact-driven Indonesian businesses. Their mission is to support profitable impact-driven projects, improve the lives of our members and local communities, and foster greater sustainability on Bali and its surrounding islands. Their vision is to develop the entrepreneurial landscape across Indonesia and to give rise to a new generation of change-makers. Collaborating with Eco Tourism Week, BIC and ETB are on the search for Startups that offer solutions to Sustainable Tourism Practices.


SUNx is a Malta-based global Travel & Tourism Climate Response system, designed to act as a catalyst for the sector to develop Climate Friendly Travel – Paris 1.5 and SDG linked, and help build Climate Friendly Travel communities, through its UNFCCC linked Registry, Support Services and Strong Climate Champions. SUNx shares the view with ETB’s Vision 2050 that the Climate Crisis is existential and that the 2015 Paris Accord and related Sustainable Development Goals provide a multi-decade pathway to a Green and Clean future. Therefore, to support each other’s goals: SUNx is recognizing Sustainable Tourism in the case of ETB, and Climate Friendly Travel (CFT) in the case of SUNx to focus specifically on building a Climate Friendly Travel Community in Bali of Tourism industry stakeholders, companies, and individuals.