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Sustainable Tourism Encompasses the Responsible Use of Natural Resources for Recreation

  • 24 July 2023 07:20 AM
  • Eco Tourism Bali

Have you ever heard about “ecotourism”? Leisure travel providing tourists with an educational and adventurous experience, visiting complex and fascinating ecosystems together with their associated cultures and traditions is what ecotourism is about. The concept began dates back to the late 80s and increased in popularity in 2002 during the United Nations “International Year of Ecotourism.” Minimizing the impact of tourism on both the environment and local culture, while also giving local people an understanding of the value of their home are some of the benefits brought by ecotourism. Consequently, tourists will become more mindful of resource waste and environmental pollution. Ecotourism will not only have positive effects on the environment but also on the local economy: new revenues and jobs will be generated, which further encourages the local to preserve its environment.

It is crucial for ecotourism to encourage tourists to be culturally sensitive and respectful of the local population, as well as to purchase local goods and services in favor of the local economy. Ecotourism is turning out to be the primary source of revenue in many countries, hence why Costa Rica and Australia are increasingly supporting this field.

The education and good practices taught by ecotourism may also help foster sustainable development in a world increasingly threatened by destructive practices such as clear-cutting forests and poor land-use policies that destroy habitats. The main criteria for ecotourism are the following ones, conservation of biological and cultural diversity, sustainable use of ecological resources, support of local economies through the purchasing of local supplies, increase local revenue, jobs for local populations, and use of local supplies and services, community empowerment by involving locals in ecotourism activities, increase environmental and cultural awareness, minimizing the environmental tourist industrial impact on local resources.

The standards for good ecotourism will be established over time, and both travelers and the industry will be aware of what an ecologically and culturally sensitive operation consists of.