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Eco Tourism Bali collaborates with 150 Volunteers Planting 1000 Mangrove Seeds in Jimbaran

  • 18 July 2023 04:12 AM
  • Eco Tourism Bali

Eco Tourism Bali aims to make Bali Green and work together with the Open Flow Learning Center and other communities jointly planted 700 mangrove seedlings of the Rhizophora Muktunata type at Wana Segara Kertih, Jimbaran Bali on 11 February. This was the second time Eco Tourism Bali has carried out mangrove planting activities. The activity of planting mangrove seeds which was held on 11 February 2023 was carried out in the area of the Wana Segara Kertih Fishermen Group. This activity is one of the commitments from Eco Tourism Bali in being responsible for greening in Bali. This activity involved various communities in Bali, namely BEM of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at Mahasaraswati University, Adventurer Yoga Groups and other communities that care about nature.

Rahmi Fajar Harini as the co-founder of Eco Tourism Bali said that the aim of Eco Tourism Bali is for society to know that it is important to protect the environment through mangroves, because mangroves have an important role for nature and reducing carbon sinks. Rahmi also expressed her gratitude to the partners who have supported this activity.

“We plant these mangroves with our hearts and minds that it would be extremely important for environmental protection. Apart from that, through planting these mangroves, we save for our planet for children and grandchildren in the future,” said Nyoman as head of the Wana Segara Kertih fishermen group. This mangrove planting activity is the second program where Eco Tourism Bali has partnered with the Global Youth Conference in the first program, then together with Open Flow, Discova, BEM of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Mahasaraswati University, Nature Lovers Student Association, Representatives from the Marine Student Association of Udayana University and also Adventurous Yoga Mothers group. This is the second event of the Regenerative ETB program with a total of 1000 mangrove seedlings planted.

Around 150 volunteers took part in planting mangroves together with the Open Flow Learning Center and Wana Segara Kertih. Planting mangrove seedlings in the Kedonganan Mangrove Forest Park area by cooperating with the fishing community of Wana Segara Kertih aims to kick-off both activities that have a similar vision and mission through activities that have a real impact.

By monitoring the tides, planting mangrove seedlings starts from 07.00 to 09.00 WTA. The series of mangrove planting activities began with remarks and introductions about Eco Tourism Bali as the organizer. Then, it was continued by Nyoman as chairman of the Segara Kertih Wana Fishermen Group. “It takes a lot of movement like this to empower mangrove forests. Because Mangrove is also important for Mr. Yuda who explained the relationship and role of the UPTD Ngurah Rai Grand Forest Park with a commitment to protecting mangrove forests.

Participants who attended the mangrove planting were 150 people with an age range of 5 – 60 years. They had great enthusiasm and succeeded in planting 700 mangrove seedlings which had been divided into five areas in approximately one and a half hours. After completing the planting of mangroves, the participants continued their waste collection activities in the Wana Segara Kertih Fishermen Group area.

In this mangrove planting, Eco Tourism Bali is collaborating with Discova as the official transportation and The Body Shop Indonesia which also took part in enlivening the mangrove planting by giving away prizes for quiz winners and also the best content for mangrove plantation Eco Tourism Bali 2023.

Writer: Deska Yunita