Eco Tourism Week

Eco Tourism Week is a Grand Annual Event organised by Eco Tourism Bali to campaign, encourage and leverage the joint commitment of tourism stakeholders towards realising Bali as the Preferred Sustainable Tourism Destination in 2023 and achieving Climate Neutrality Tourism in 2045. Eco Tourism Week 2023 consists of five main programs: Talkshow, Focus Group Discussion, Start-Up Competition, Sustainable Trade Show, and Awarding focusing on Climate Awareness for Green (Sustainable) and Clean (Emission Free) Bali Tourism. The objective the event is to engage industry professionals, thought leaders, and stakeholders in reimagining and reshaping the future of tourism through innovative and sustainable practices, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange for a more resilient and responsible tourism industry.

Eco Tourism Week consists of five main program:
Start-Up Competition
Focus Group Discussion
Sustainable Trade Show

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