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D. Social Benefits for Local Community

To help you through all questions, we have provided Terms & Definitions and Guidelines
represented by two icons on each question.

Do you purchase products from locally-owned and operated businesses for the following operations for your hotel?

  • Bedroom (i.e. amenities, furniture, fixtures, and equipment)
  • Bathroom (i.e. amenities, furniture, fixtures, and equipment)
  • Public area (i.e. furniture, fixtures, and equipment)
  • Housekeeping (i.e.cleaning supplies, cleaning tools)
  • Landscaping (i.e.landscaping supplies, landscaping tools)
  • Kitchen and dining (i.e. produce, food ingredients, furniture, fixtures, equipment
Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :
Have you provided any programs/activities related to health, education, and economic improvement to the local community in the past five years?
  • Health improvement programs/activities
    Hotel provides health facilities, access, and/or services for local communities.
  • Education improvement program/activities
    Hotel provides educational facilities, access, and/or aids for local communities.
  • Economic improvement programs/activities
    Hotel provides employment opportunities for local communities and/or increases customers for local services or stores.

Choose the option that best represent the current condition:
Have you incorporated community-driven programs and activities of the local community into your hotel’s programming and/or recommendations for guests? If so, which of the following practices have you implemented in your hotel?

  • Organized programs/activities
    Hotel conducted programs/activities where the local communities are invited and/or hired to participate.
  • Promoted programs/activities
    Hotel supported programs/activities that are solely conducted by the local community by providing promotion of said programs/activities.
  • Collaborated programs/activities
    Hotel and local communities developed a partnership to conduct programs/activities where both have shared roles and responsibilities.

Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :

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