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C. Conservation of Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Landscapes

To help you through all questions, we have provided Terms & Definitions and Guidelines
represented by two icons on each question.

Have you implemented internal policy and/or publicly declared your commitment to protecting the local biodiversity around your hotel?
Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :
Have you implemented actions to identify and mitigate the following potential disturbing activities from your operations to the natural habitat surrounding the property?
  • Excessive lights (e,g, signage lights, exterior lights).
  • Excessive noise (e.g. crowd, music).
  • Excessive water usage (e.g. swimming pool, bathtub).
  • Excessive use of land (e.g. high building footprint).
  • Natural habitat intrusion (e.g. trekking to protected areas) • Irresponsible waste disposal (e.g. littering)
Choose the option that best represent the current condition:
Have you encourage your hotel guests and staff to be involved in biodiversity conservation efforts through these following activities?
  • Provision of information regarding biodiversity conservation efforts through promotional media (e.g. brochure, signage, handbook) or verbally (e.g. briefing, reminder).
  • Provision of opportunities to participate in biodiversity conservation efforts (e.g. beach clean-up, tree planting).
  • Provision of opportunities to educate themselves on biodiversity conservation efforts (e.g. training session, short courses).

Choose the option that best represent the current condition:
Do you implement any of the following programs and activities to manage invasive species on your property?

  • Site monitoring: Conduct regular site inspection and document any occurrence and/or spread of invasive species on-site (e.g. monthly site inspection).
  • Removal strategy: Implement actions to eliminate the presence of invasive species on-site (e.g. no-kill snake removal policy).
  • Reduction strategy: Implement actions to reduce the numbers of invasive species on-site (e.g. adding mulch to the garden).
  • Preventive strategy: Implement actions to avoid the occurrence of invasive species on site (e.g. removing plants that attract mosquitos).
Choose the option that best represent the current condition:
What percentage of the landscape area of the hotel is occupied by plants that are native to the ecosystem of your property?
Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :
Have you established internal guidelines for hotel staff and guests to minimize disturbing activities and/or negative impacts produced during their visits to natural sites? And which of the following activities have you used to communicate and enforce said guidelines?

  • Promotional media: Guidelines are displayed in the form of brochure, signage, handbook, and/or other promotional media.
  • Briefing session: Hotel offers short briefing session to guests and staff on the guidelines before activities in natural site.
  • Mandatory training session: Hotel requires staff to follow training sessions before assisting and/or guiding hotel guests to natural sites.

Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :
Have you established internal policies and/or declared commitment to limit and prohibit direct interaction of hotel staff and guest with wildlife that exist surrounding your property and/or other tourism destinations? If so, what kind of wildlife interactions are limited/prohibited in your policies?

  • Feeding of wildlife: Tourists offer/leave food for wildlife.
  • Approaching of wildlife: Tourists do not maintain a safe distance to wildlife (e.g. crowding, flash photography).
  • Calling of wildlife: Tourists make sounds to attract wildlife attention.
  • Touching/handling of wildlife: Tourists physically touch the wildlife.
  • Visiting non wildlife: Tourists visit attractions that profit from irresponsible wildlife interactions.
Please choose the option that best to represent current conditions :
Which of these following actions have you implemented in your hotel to encourage and enforce the protection of animal welfare?

Hotel to choose all of actions that are implemented in their hotel
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